Passing the Marriage Interview for Green card

The green card marriage interview is a sophisticated process. It will be more intense and probing. The reason is because many get married just to get a green card as getting a green card through marriage is another legal way to get one.

Clearing the marriage interview to get a green card :
As soon as you get the letter asking you to come to the green card marriage interview, ensure that you have copies of all the documents they ask for. Generally preferred documents are recent tax return and affidavit of support and photocopies of birth certificates and passport.

Another important aspect is to have photographs and joint bank accounts ready and prepared. Also having photographs of your wedding, honeymoon, vacations, birthday parties are added advantages.
Bank Accounts are extremely vital. The interview officers will be convinced seeing you and your spouse share assets. And also make sure the bank accounts have income of both parties credited and joint expenses debited. For example, you can make the lease or mortgage payments through the account. Simple issues like the drivers license being same as the tax return address will prove vital. Also having mobile phone bills and other bills such as electric bill going into each persons name.

The questions in the green card marriage interview questions may range from the usual, “how did you meet her” to very detailed and intense questions. So be prepared and make it extremely important to sit together a few days before the interview and discuss. Because if the officer interviewing you suspects that your marriage is fraudulent, you will have to meet the fraud unit. An officer will interview you and your spouse separately and explicitly. And then the results of both your interviews will be compared.

It is an irony that sometimes, truly married couples also get suspected because of their personal characteristics and may have to go through a fraud interview. And persons who do not share a common language, or differ significantly in age, class, religion or even educational background and also those who don’t live at the same address might be called for a fraud interview. You may also be called if your application missed facts that your marriage is genuine or if it contains some inconsistencies or looks suspicious.

Generally, green card marriage interviews are held only in the U.S. If you are called for such an interview while abroad, your U.S. spouse need not attend the interview, just you alone. When you get an advance notice of fraud interview, it is recommended to hire an attorney. Though an attorney does not have any right over the questions, he/she will be in a better situation to deal with any follow-up matters.

The officer may sometimes apply harsher tactics, such as falsely telling one person that their spouse has already “confessed” that the marriage is fraudulent, just to push the interviewee into confessing. At times, the officer might intimidate you, reminding you about the jail term and fines if caught committing marriage fraud. They may also sometimes ask you to withdraw the visa application or tell you to sign stating that your marriage is a fraud. If your marriage is genuine, do not sign such things. If asked to do so, you can reschedule the interview and you can bring an attorney with you the next time.

Whereas, if your marriage is a fraud, no matter how hard you work or prepare, it is easy not to be able to answer some very simple questions.

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  3. robobren says:

    Good advice and there is a dramatization of the UCIS Green Card Marriage interview which underlines the authors account of the process

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