How Can I Renew my Green Card?

A Green Card is an evidence or an identification card given to the eligible people to live and work in United States as a permanent resident. The Green Card holders are granted many immigration benefits. The green card holder must maintain the permanent residence status and will be put in the removal proceedings if certain conditions of the his/her status are not met.

A Green Card is valid for ten years and it must be renewed before it expires. If the Green Card is obtained through marriage to a US Citizen or a permanent resident, by adjustment of the status using Form I-485 green card, it is called as Conditional Green Card which is valid for two years. This must be renewed before the conditional resident status expires.

Renew Green Card application:

Permanent Residents who are issued with a ten year valid Green Card must renew their card before it expires. All Green Cards will have an expiration date printed on the card. The card holders must renew it if it has already expired or 6 months before the expiration date . Some Green Cards will not have an expiration date due to an old version of the card. But now USCIS strongly recommends to renew the old version cards . If the Green Card is expired then the card is considered as Out of Status.

Green Card Renewal process:

Those people whose Green Cards have already expired or is expiring must adopt the Green Card renewal process. To renew the card a form I90 ( Application to Replace / Renew Green Card) must be filed by the applicant.

Once the application is completed , the applicant must send it to USCIS along with the supporting documents and relevant fees.

Supporting Documents:

The applicant must include the following evidences with his/her Green Card Renewal application.

  1. Photocopies of the front and back of the Expired or Expiring Green Card.
  2. Personal Identification document such as a State Driver’s license card or a valid passport.


After the USCIS receives the Green Card Renewal application, they will check if all the required evidence that the applicant provides are correct and complete. And on receipt of the application, USCIS will send a form I-797C (Application Receipt Notice to the applicant) to notify the applicant the application has been received.

USCIS will then request for more information and might request the applicants to appear for an interview with them. If the Green Card Renewal application is approved, the new Green Card will be mailed to the applicant. If the application is denied , USICS will send a notification letter to the applicant stating the reason for denial.

Travel during the application process:

If the applicant who wishes to travel during the Green Card Renewal process, he/she may have to get their passport stamped with I-551 at the local INS office to indicate that he/she has filed for a new card. The applicants will have to make an appointment with their local USCIS office using the Application Receipt Notice (form I-797C) and passport which acts as proof of having filed the I-90.

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3 Responses to How Can I Renew my Green Card?

  1. irenew bandz says:

    It is nice comments. If that iRenew bracelet actually benefited us somehow, then it would be growing on trees or in the ground, or falling from the rain clouds. It’s not anything but junk and a scam. Better yet, why wernt we born with them around our wrists. It’s BS. All the magnetic energy is already all around us naturally.

  2. Francis says:

    I just renew my green card last month. During the renewal process, they now put a sticker on the old green card . The sticker has a date on it indicating this old green card is still good for travel until the that date. You no longer has to get the passport stamped.

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