How to apply for a green card renewal online?

Normally, a permanent resident card (green card) is valid for ten years. On its expiration, you need to renew it by filing Form I-90, Application for green card replacement with the USCIS. If your green card has already expired, make sure you renew it at the earliest. Though you will not lose your permanent resident status if you do not renew it, per immigration laws, you need to carry evidence of your status (a valid, unexpired green card or temporary passport stamp). If you do not renew your expired / expiring card, you may experience difficulties in obtaining employment, benefits and on re-entry into the US from abroad. Always, apply for your new card before you travel and bring with you on any trip the temporary documentation you received. If, after traveling abroad, you try to re-enter the US with an expired card, you may experience a delay during the inspections process at the port of entry.

Process for online green card renewal:

Before efiling your form, check for eligibility information to see if e-Filing is the right filing option for you. Also check your system requirements. Also ensure you have all required information at hand before beginning the efiling process. Have your credit card, debit card, or bank account and number readily available to pay the filing fee if necessary.

While e-filing the application, you need not submit paper photographs and you don’t need to self-schedule an appointment at an Application Support Center for biometrics. USCIS will send a notice in the mail that will provide you with your USCIS-scheduled appointment for biometrics and taking photographs at an Application Support Center.

You should bring the biometrics appointment notice and photo identification to your biometrics appointment. Kinds of photo identification accepted are passport or national photo identification issued by your country or your driver’s license, or military photo identification, or a State-issued photo identification card. You should also bring all required initial evidence, including your prior green card OR other evidence of permanent residence or commuter status. Other documentation such as court ordered name change, marriage certificate, birth certificate, or a police report for a stolen or lost green card.

While efiling your application, ensure that your application has been successfully submitted to USCIS. If you receive a receipt number on the web confirmation page and your application no longer appears in the list of saved application in the “My Forms” screen, it means your application has been filed successfully. And also if you receive Form I-797, Notice of Action, through the mail within 10 days of e-Filing your application, it means your application was filed successfully. Your confirmation receipt number will be in the Form I-797.

If the “My forms” screen shows ‘pending’ or ‘action needed’, it means your application was not efiled successfully or there might a problem with your transaction. Also make note of the receipt number given on the confirmation page before clicking the ‘finish’ button so that you can have a PDF copy of your submitted application. Also remember to save your application and the confirmation receipt number. If you did not make note or print your receipt number, wait for approximately 10 days to receive your Form I-797, Notice of Action. The confirmation receipt number will be printed on your I-797.

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7 Responses to How to apply for a green card renewal online?

  1. Greenhorn says:

    my greencard is due to expire after 10 years on May 1, 2012. Unfortunately I am currently on a temporary work assignment abroad which will last until next summer. I do have a business meeting in the US on 14-18 May 2012, which basically is too late.

    Now I try to understand the exact process of the greencard renewal to minimize the number and duration of trips to the US I need to take.

    Question 1:
    As I understand it, I have to travel to the US before May 1 to file an I-90 form and the supporting documentation. Or can I file from abroad? The language is somewhat ambiguous in that it requires that I live in the US but does not explicitly require “physical presence”. As I do have my permanent residence in the US but am just temporarily absent, would it be possible to file the forms while abroad?? that would save one trip.

    Further Questions I will ask in seperate replies to keep things simple.


    • Paul says:

      If you are outside the United States, and your permanent resident card will expire within six months, (but you will return within one year of your departure from the United States and before the card expires), you should file for your renewal card as soon as you return to the United States.

      If you are outside of the United States at the time of the card’s expiration, and you have not applied for the renewal card prior to your departure, you should contact the nearest American Consulate, USCIS office, or Port of Entry, before attempting to file Form I-90 for a renewal I-551 card.

  2. Greenhorn says:


    here a second question:

    What is the benefit of e-filing I-90 if the supporting documentation then has to be sent by snail-mail?? Will they answer faster?


    • Paul says:

      It takes minimum of 6 month for renewal of Green Card, but in between you need to take biometrics test so your presence is inside US is very much important.

  3. Greenhorn says:


    here question No 3:

    When filing I-90 I can ask for e-mail notification of “acceptance” using form G-1145. On the Case Status Dashboard the various phases are explained. It is stated that a “receipt number” is issued and a notice is sent out; It is further stated, that the acceptance step is typically completed within 2 business days of when the application is received.
    So assume I fly to the US, express mail the completed I-90 and all supporting documents say on a Monday, they receive it all on Wednesday at the lockbox in Texas, so I assume I should then get an e-mail with the acceptence notice and the receipt number by Friday?

    Could I then show up at an ASC with that receipt number to get an extension sticker onto my greencard so I can stay out until 14 May?

    I understand That the appointment for the biometrics processing will come somewhat later, and I assume I can then reschedule the appointment to a date around 15 May to coincide with my second trip to the US. At least this is what I did last time when I had biometrics processing for the last reentry permit (which had expired before my last entry to the US, which was not a problem since I had been out only shortly)


  4. see hear says:

    Thanks for your very informative site ! I am currently confused about my i90 efile. Its said after I filed online I would receive a check list of initial evidence or supporting evidence needed to process the application. My I90 was a simple renewal which ended up being check box F but after I submitted it I did not receive a check list of required supporting evidence. It actually states on my copy/receipt I90 “do not send any copies of ID”.
    However I know if I were to have filed this by snail mail, I am asked to send a copy of my greencard in. Can you please advise !! Much Thanks .

    • Paul says:

      After you file, you will be provided a checklist of required initial evidence and supporting documentation. So if you sure you have done efile. Mail all required initial evidence and supporting documentation to:

      Nebraska Service Center
      Attn: E-Filed I-90 Application
      PO Box 87090
      Lincoln, NE 68502-7090

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