US Immigration and Customs

Every year, thousands of people come to the United States of America, either for a visit or to live and work there. United States, the land of immigrants is the most preferred destination in terms of immigration. Immigrants understand the privileges of being lawful residents in the US. The process and procedures of entering the US vary based on the intention of one’s visit. Visas and green cards are the most commonly preferred methods to facilitate the visit. To get a visa or green card, US immigration forms have to be filed at the American Consulate in the immigrant’s home country or with the USCIS if the applicant is in the US.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visas are the two types of visas available. Non-immigrant visas are for temporary visits such as for tourism, study, or work whereas immigrant visas are for Permanent Residence later which will fetch you US Citizenship. Visitor visas, work visas, student visas are some of the visas that are issued based on the immigrant’s intention of visit. The US immigration forms are available on the government’s official website  Apart from this, there are many private websites that have the US immigration forms on their website and they charge a fee for helping the applicants in preparing and filing the forms. An attorneys’ assistance is sought at times to complete the forms that can be complicated at times.

The USCIS (formerly known as the INS) is the official government agency that processes and gives a decision for all the applications/petitions filed in the US. They are the sole authority that approves or rejects any form. Approximately 40% of the applications/petitions submitted are rejected annually because of being erroneous or incomplete. This proves that the US immigration forms are at times sophisticated to file. The US immigration laws are very strict and vigilant to make sure all immigrants enter and stay legally. So any form filed even with the smallest of errors gets rejected. The application is rejected if the authorities find even a small evidence of suspicion. So it is always recommended that the applicant be transparent and truthful in all the information he/she provides in the application.

All the immigration forms have separate filing instructions that will have information about the fees, the supporting documents they need to send and the mailing address and also other additional instructions that is user specific. After the applicant submits his/her application to the USCIS, he/she will get a receipt for the form filed. This notice will have a number with which the applicant can check the status of the application/petition submitted. The applicant will also be notified about the biometrics appointment. The processing time for the forms varies from one another. The process may be expedited for certain applicants considering the situation under which they are filing. The USCIS revises the forms frequently and it is the expiry and revision dates of the forms that get updated. Some applications can be e-filed. In this case, all supporting documentation can be submitted at the time of their interview.

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4 Responses to US Immigration and Customs

  1. Hazel Ickes says:

    Credible blog. I would like to add to it. In order to apply for US citizenship, you will need to find the right forms for you and you will need to complete the forms accurately and fully. Even small mistakes can mean that your US Citizenship Application Form will be rejected, so you need to work methodically and carefully.

  2. The forms that are concerned with the Passport and visas should be obtained from the US Department of State and not from the USCIS. And not every USCIS form can be e-filed.

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