How to Complete a Citizenship Application Form?

Naturalization is the process through which immigrants become citizens of the United States. To apply for naturalization, you should file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization with the USCIS.

Citizenship Application Form N – 400:

The citizenship application form, N – 400 has 14 parts, out of which applicants are required to fill 10. In the 11th section, you have to sign and date the application. You will be required to fill part 12 if someone else is preparing the application on your behalf. Part 13 and 14 will have to be filled at the time of your interview. So normally, you have to fill ten sections in the application.

The initial section is about your legal name. It is the name as it appears on your birth certificate unless it has been changed through marriage or court order. You can also opt for a name change while filing the citizenship application. But it will become effective only when a court naturalizes you. The next section is about your eligibility as a permanent resident. Other sections solicit information related to your date of birth, social security number and details about your green card. Additional information like the country of nationality and marital status are also asked in this section.

You will have to enter your contact information in section 4. In the following section, you need to enter details of the addresses you lived at during the past five years (including your stay overseas) and also give details of your employment. If you were a student, you need to list the schools where you studied during the last five years. Part 7 of your application is about all the trips you took outside the US in the last five years. This is followed by the marital status section. You will have to give information regarding your marital status and list all your prior marriages (divorced, annulled) and marital details of your spouse(s), if applicable. You should list details of your children, if any, in part 9 of the application.

Section 10 has important questions regarding your moral conduct. The citizenship application form has several questions about the applicant’s criminal history, if any. You have to be transparent and mention all offenses that you committed including any that has been removed from your record and any such incident which happened before your 18th birthday. If you do not mention about these offenses and the USCIS comes to know about it, your application may be rejected (even if the original offense was not a crime for which your case should be denied).

There are additional requirements to come out successful in the US citizenship process. You must be able to read, write, and speak basic English and also have basic knowledge of U.S. history and government (civics). But certain applicants, because of their age or disability have different English and civics requirements.

Certain supporting documents have to be sent along with your application. Documents that are in a foreign language have to be accompanied by a full English language translation, when submitted to USCIS. The translator should certify the translation as complete and accurate, and also submit a certification that he/she is competent enough to translate from the foreign language into English.

The submission fee for the citizenship application form is $595.00. Additionally, a biometric fee of $85.00 is needed. You may submit one check or money order for $680 for both the application and biometric fees. However, all naturalization applicants filing under the military provisions do not require a filing fee.

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    Thank you for sharing useful information. Applying through online is the faster way to complete our application form.

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