Issues of US Immigration by New York Attorney

In front of the City Council an attorney from Eiges & Eiges in a hearing about immigration system, has given a face to the problem. And the members have agreed on changing the law to help non-citizens to follow the correct procedures and guidelines. Testimony was a sad example of the system, for those who come to US for better life and end up in over staying visa not aware how to go about in extending or changing the visa.

One of client came to US on a visa on 1984 because of the political situation in Haiti and he same to establish new life in US. Got married to American Citizen, has son attending college and owns his own home, after staying 19 long years in US even after trying to obtain permanent residency from his wife, he is still an illegal. This happened when an attorney gave him a bad advice to obtain US Work Permit from INS, not telling him it might risk him being deported. So he was told to leave America. However he chose to remain with his wife and child and not to Haiti, reason being the situation is even worst when compared to 80’s.

Now the argument is to prove extenuating circumstances, changed conditions, or get governmental consent to file a joint motion but the government was not cooperative. Next step would be to contact the district Counsel, but it not hopeful regarding that step. Closing words from the attorney was very emotional stating “law was not designed to tear apart families and cause good people to be thrown out of the country that is exactly what is happening”.

At the end council’s member stated “it was distressing to know that one person’s ill advice could have such devastating consequences on the lives of so many”. And thanks the attorney for the great effort in putting forth not only for her client even for many non-citizens who are dealing with similar kind of situations.

Eiges & Eiges have over 75 years of experience which help them to stand up for the law and immigrant’s right. Read more

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