Deceptive Practice by Infosys on obtaining B1 Visa

Even though all the employee and employer are aware of working in Business Visa is illegal, plenty of the Infosys employees in India come to United States on B1 Visa and work – in the lure of gaining extra money.

People at that level have two options. Option A is you are given $145 a day. For the first $100 you would have to produce receipts, but you wouldn’t have to produce receipts for the remaining $45. Option B is $90 a day, no questions asked, no receipts required. And during that time, they continue to draw whatever salary they were getting in India. … If a junior analyst or programmer gets the opportunity to be in the United States for three months, and takes Option B, that’s $90 a day for 90 days, or $8,100. That’s an interesting amount of money for these guys. … Infosys doesn’t have to force people in India to come to the United States. They have more people than they need who would come to the United States, who would do that – that’s a good amount of money.

Because of the state of Indian economy, many people opt to work in United States, even though the living condition of B-1 workers here in not great, that’s the choice they make to save money. They are not concern of the US Immigration law by USCIS for each visa. As mentioned above for 3 month they make $8000 which is equal to 4 lakh rupees plus current Indian salary which is a huge saving for individual.
One of the former manager of Infosys in Bangalore started working right out of college, learned fairly when he had come to United States.

To be honest with you, looking at the companies based out of India, Infosys is probably one of the best places to start working. They do a lot of good things. But when it comes to the United States, they behave a little differently. The general attitude I have seen there is they don’t really care if they do something wrong that hurts the U.S. economy or people in the United States. For them, as long as they’re doing something that brings in money to India, and helps people in India to earn money, somehow they think everything’s fair as long as that’s done.

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