Foreign-Born Population Reaches Record High

United States of America has reached 40 million foreign-born people, as reported by US Census Bureau which is record high since 1910. Foreign born are those who born outside of their country of residence. In US and Canada the law for foreign born are considered as citizens are in the process of obtaining US Citizenship. In Germany and Japan if very difficult to become citizens for foreign born.

That figure—from the 2010 American Community Survey—comprises about 13 percent of the total population in the U.S., which is roughly 312 million people. That represents the largest share of the population since 1910, when foreign-born residents comprised 14.7 percent of the overall population.

According to the Census bureau of Chief Elizabeth M.Grieco, Latin America is the biggest source of foreign-born residence. More than 50% of the total population and more than half were born in Mexico (Immigrants from Mexico to US has reduced, can say come to standstill since last 5 years).

About half of all foreign-born residents either spoke only English at home or spoke a language other than English at home and spoke English “very well,” according to the report, but there was considerable variation between the regions of origin. For those from Africa, for example, 71 percent either spoke only English at home or spoke another language at home in addition to speaking English “very well.” For those from Latin America, however, that share was much lower at 37 percent. Drilling down even more, the foreign-born residents from the Caribbean were more likely to speak only English at home at 32 percent, compared to 15 percent from South America, 7 percent from “other” Central America, and 3 percent from Mexico.

Very interesting fact about the employment figures:

Sixty-eight percent of the foreign-born populations age 16 or older were working in 2010, compared with 64% of those born in the U.S. And 79% of foreign-born men were in the labor force, compared to 68% of native-born men; in contrast, 60% of U.S.-born women were employed, compared with 57% of foreign-born women.

Immigrants prefer “gateway” states such as California, New York and Texas, although recently immigrants are looking out for smaller foreign-born population such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming and Dakotas.

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