Illegal Immigration from Mexico to US has Dropped Sharply

The number of Mexicans coming to the United States has decreased but increased in the numbers who are entering US in a legal way. This is a huge shift in the good economy in Mexico and bad economy in United States. And also in more of deportation and increased the security border.

At the start of the twenty-first century, less than 10 percent came with papers. A decade later, it is 50 percent.
The vast majority of these came on “family reunification visas”–spouses, parents, children, or siblings of U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

Late Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington stated Mexican Immigrants “threaten to divide the United States into two people, two cultures and two languages”.

Migration FlowSource:Pew Hispanic Center

Others–some ninety thousand in 2011–came on H-visas to work, their professions ranging from engineers to agricultural workers. Ten thousand more came to study. Some two thousand–more than double 2000 levels–came on E-2 NAFTA visas, reserved for investors and business people from countries that are U.S. trading partners. Mexicans also received their highest ever number of EB-5 visas, which require a $500,000 to $1 million investment in a U.S. business, and the creation of at least ten U.S. jobs.

In the past decade almost 1 million became US Citizens who were Mexican residence; desire of obtaining US Citizenship is still same for any other country residence.

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