Four Anti-Immigration Protestors Arrested in Chicago

On Tuesday 15th May 2012, about 100 people were opposing US Immigration Policy, War and Economic injustice were 4 protestors were arrested in Chicago.

Demonstrators began their march at Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Church in Little Village and marched downtown to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building where some staged a sit in out front, CBS2 reports. Father Jose Landaverde of Our Lady of Guadalupe and another woman were arrested in front of the ICE building for trespassing and another two protesters were arrested after demonstrators took Canal Street.

On Monday 14th May 2012, eight anti-war protestors were arrested for not leaving the lobby of President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters.

Today, members of Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction and Occupy Chicago will rally at Jackson and LaSalle in the morning, march to Citibank, then to Daley Plaza where they will deliver petitions to Tom Dart’s office demanding the Cook County Sheriff stop “profit-oriented evictions and foreclosures.”

For this whole week organizers like CANG8, Occupy Chicago and others organizations have plan to focus on different issues each day throughout the city.

Virginia Morales, a member of the Communities United group whose family is facing forclosure said in a press release “There is no serious action being taken to help keep people in their homes. Modifications always seem to fail. We need this moratorium.”

On Sunday 20th May 2012, organizers expecting thousands will show up for a rally on Chicago Convention Center where two days of NATO summit is being held in discussion of military alliance’s strategy in Afghanistan.

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