USCIS Launched Online Application Portal – ELIS

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Director Alejandro Mayorkas launched new online application portal called “ELIS”, this name because of the immigration gateway of Ellis Island.

USCIS Online System

USCIS ELIS is a user-friendly system created to streamline the application process for immigration benefits. It allows immigration benefit seekers and their legal representatives to create an account and file benefit requests online. USCIS ELIS provides more accurate and secure customer service.

With the current version applicant can file for Form I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status). Later of the success one can include other immigration forms too. Firstly this online system will be tested with the small group of people, this will help the agency to know the flaws and move forward.

USCIS ELIS will allow you to: 

1. Create an individual online account.

  • Sign up to receive email notification and text messages.
  • Manage account and contact or interact with USCIS in real time.

2. Manage your interactions with USCIS securely and electronically.

  • E-file the supporting document/evidence.
  • Online payment option either credit card or bank account.
  • On your behalf attorney or any other legal representatives can file for benefits.

3. Get detailed help and current case status.

  • Detailed case-status.
  • Get online assistant under “Tips” and “Help”.
  • Step-by-Step help from online setup.

“We are really transforming the agency from a paper-based agency to…an online environment. It’s a very complex and challenging effort. It’s something that other organizations have not succeeded in accomplishing, whether in the public or private sector,” Mayorkas.

In phase two USCIS have plan to allow organizations to allow storing all the immigration forms. And applicants can submit supporting documents and receive case updates instantly in real time. USCIS employee had to shuffle hard-copy application back and forth across country.

We plan to improve USCIS ELIS over time to better serve your needs. Please send us your feedback by emailing

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