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US Economy Mostly on Skilled Immigrants

Two weeks back, the quota for H1-B Visas ran out within just 10 weeks of time after it was opened on April 1st. In year 2010 quota was completed in Jan 2011, and in 2011 cap was filled in Nov … Continue reading

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Religious Worker (R) Visa

This visa is for foreign people who seeking admission to conduct religious worship and perform other duties usually performed by authorized members of the clergy of that religion. The main criterion in obtaining R visa is that one must have … Continue reading

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Asian’s Immigrants are the Highest Growing in US

Asian Americans are now the fastest growing immigrants group which took over Latinos in recent years. In one of the report from the Pew Research Center, Economy of the US is completely depending upon the highly skilled workers. Asian Americans … Continue reading

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Poll: On New Immigration Reform about Young Illegal

New Immigration reform announced by The President of United States of America, stop deporting undocumented immigrants who came to our country illegal when they were very young. This new immigration policy will not allow path to become US Citizen, but … Continue reading

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Realign of US Immigration Enforcement under DREAM Act

With this new policy, illegal immigrant who are honorably discharged from military (Do not understand how did anyone entered military got in the first place), received high school degree or even enrolled in school between the age 16 to 30 … Continue reading

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Facebook Co-Founder Renounces His US Citizenship

Eduardo Saverin gave up his American Citizenship which he had got in the year 1998, for Singapore residency status. Eduardo was a Brazilian and has living in Singapore since 2010 and he prefers to remain indefinitely. source A spokesman for … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI Support Immigration Reform

When Pope Benedict XVI addressed group of US Bishops and praise them for the ‘long-commitment of the immigration reform’. Immigration reform is a term used to describe the suggestion involved in increase in legal immigration and decrease illegal ways. It … Continue reading

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