Mexico’s Illegal Immigrant Theme Park: Footage Crossing U.S Border

EcoAlberto theme park in El Alberto, Mexico (El Alberto is actually 800 miles from the U.S. border) a chance to experience a simulated illegal border crossing US Border has been caught on film. Vice documentary makers exposed how thousands of migrants who cross treacherous terrain for better life in US.

It then follows Poncho – who plays the people smuggler or ‘coyote’ – as he guides the tourists in their mad dash, sending the weak first, followed by the women and finally the men.

‘Quick! Women go first,’ he shouts, impatiently. ‘Move quickly. Now men, let’s go. Run! Run! Run! Run!’ He explains on the way that the tourists will experience about 5 per cent of
what a real migrant goes through when they are attempting to cross the Rio Grande to get to the U.S.

‘Where we are going conditions are harsh,’ he said.

‘We will find mud, tunnels, canyons, poisonous plants, snakes and spiders. Just think for a minute about the things migrants have to go through… they have no water and have no food and perhaps are riding now on top of a train or walking through freezing cold desert.’

The men, speaking in English, shout to the supposed illegal aliens: ‘Please surrender people or we’re going to kill you’.

They catch a number, pushing them to the ground, acting rough. But then the rest of the group manage to sneak through a barbed wire fence and make the crossing successfully.


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