US Economy Mostly on Skilled Immigrants

Two weeks back, the quota for H1-B Visas ran out within just 10 weeks of time after it was opened on April 1st. In year 2010 quota was completed in Jan 2011, and in 2011 cap was filled in Nov 2011. First every quota was established in year 1990. This is good news for immigrants and the employers who are petitioning because of the improving job market. Bad news for the US citizens, they want skilled immigrants to stay competitive in the market.

Most of them still think H1-B workers take US jobs, but this isn’t the case. Hiring of these skilled workers doesn’t come at very less cost, government and legal fee runs in thousands of dollars. Fee of $ 1,500 must be paid by US Companies for each H1-B petition for training and scholarship fee. So for a year 65,000 visas, it comes up to $2 billion according to NFAP. This amount is used for more than 53,000 scholarships for students, several programs for 190,000 students and 6,800 school teachers and train up to for more than 55,000 US workers.

In year 2008, Bill Gates once testified “Microsoft had found that every H1-B hire we make, we add and average four employees to support them in various capacities”. H1-B workers create jobs, so only the US employer wants them. Immigrants have outstanding track records in creating jobs. In the latest survey conducted by New American Economy, nearly 20% of the fortune companies out of 500 were founded or cofounded by Immigrants; companies include Google, Intel, Yahoo and eBay. According NFAP (National Foundation for American Policy), on average 7.5 workers were associated with every H1-B application.

This is not a good sign for most of the US employers, because the H1-B quota is over within 10 weeks of time. So big firm to stay ahead of the business, they are planning to open operation outside the US. These will also lead the employer so hire Immigrants and start the business in countries which have more liberal Immigration laws such as Canada.

Half of the enrollment for engineering, math and computer science is by foreign students. In the year 2008, Harvard Business School concluded, nearly half of all scientists and engineers in the US who hold doctorate are immigrants.

To increase the US Economy, the H1B visa program should be reformed. Cap limit can be increased to 100,000 for a year, or based on the economy cap can be decided every year. H1-B visa obtained after studying in US can be excluded under the cap.

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