San Antonio Immigrants Activists Hols “procesión de velas”

San Antonio activists will hold their second annual March for Immigrant Rights through the city’s West Side on Independence Day. Goal is to bring attention to the November election on slight softening of both Democratic and Republican on Immigration.

Participants will hold a “procesión de velas,” a Wednesday evening procession by candlelight, instead of repeating last year’s march in July’s scorching heat.

“It gives us bargaining power,” he said. “It’s finally what we’ve been hoping for. If we truly organize, we’ll have a say” in the shape of future immigration legislation.

Jamie Martinez, founder and board president of the Cesar E.Chavez said “We want comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act”. Another group Educational Foundation who involved in rally says “Immigrants are workers. They are not lazy, and they are not criminals”.

Martinez says “We are not asking for the sky. We are asking for path to citizenship. Reuniting with the family is the key and the protection of the civil and constitutional rights”.  Martinez also mentioned about how immigrants pay taxes, it accumulates up to $7 billion a year. Martinez says “This is best kept secret in America”, which clearly shows how immigrants work hard.

The march begins with a news conference at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Guadalupe Theater. Participants are encouraged to be there by 6 p.m. Congressional candidates Lloyd Doggett, running in the 35th Congressional District, and Joaquín Castro, seeking to represent the 20th, will speak. Both are Democrats.

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