Tightened Immigration Policies for Job Seekers in US

Due to global economy downturn, those who seek job in US might not feel welcome. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Says that unemployment rate has increased to 8.1per cent according to their survey. So the immigration policies have become tight for the job seekers in US.

In 2010, H1B visa’s fee has been raised by passing bill for temporary workers from foreign countries. And also for L1 visa holders, employees in international companies.

“You start with the general issues of the visa situation and the very high unemployment rate, and you add the fact that there used to be many more entry-level jobs at financial institutions and big manufacturing companies. That has shut down. You’re not seeing job growth.

“It’s not as easy to find positions, and as a foreigner or immigrant, you are not at the front of the queue, so it’s going to be tougher for you.”

So Immigration restrictions remain a hurdle for the foreign job seekers and creation of a global, flexible workforce is considered as a priority in most of the business. As a result, companies are controlling expense associated with expatriate postings by changing the assignment structure and shortening their duration. Expatriate packages cost is very high and most of them involve costs associated with relocation, housing, incidentals and transport. According to Human resource expert local hire is less expensive than appointing an expatriate to a given job.

The traditional expatriate assignments last between one and five years but many companies have started short term training or project-based assignment which exists between three and twelve months. So that employees can get the opportunity to spend time at multinational’s headquarters learning and being indoctrinated in the corporate culture.

The highly valued skills according to Ms.Fitzgerlad, an international career coach who works with expatriates, are depending on the nature of role, variance analysis, and experience in financial statements, annual and strategic planning and forecasting.

To be successful in today’s world, all of us should think in a broader way in this global economy.

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