Form I-812D for Deferred Action

August 15th is the day when USCIS will start accepting Deferred Action. And the Form required in filing for obtain Deferred Action is Form I-812D. Along with the Form you should also file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization or Form I-765 W (Worksheet). Whether the application is accepted or rejected will be sent out using the Form G-1145, e-notification of the petition.

The purpose of the Form I-812D is to request USCIS consider deferring action based on the guidelines described in the Secretary of Homeland Security’s Memorandum. This process ensures that individuals will not put into removal proceedings or removed from the US for a specified period of time, unless Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chooses to terminate the deferral.

Form I-821D can be applied by Childhood Arrivals

  • Not included in Removal Proceedings ever
  • With Terminated Removal Proceedings
  •  Holding a Final Removal Order, with Voluntary Departure or in Removal Proceedings.

To file this request you can visit the USCIS website or you can contact USCIS National Customer Service Centre at 1-800-375-5283 and for TDD (hearing impaired) call: 1-800-767-1833.

Initial Evidence need to be submitted along with your Form I-821D:

  • No need to submit the original Documents unless USCIS ask for it
  • And Evidence should show that you meet all the eligibility criteria

Each document must be properly filled and signed along with requirements as instruction provided by the Form I-821D .The total cost of the form is $465 including $380 for the Form I-765 and $85 for biometric services.

Once completion of filling the application, you need to send the application depending on your residence. Direct filling address for Form I-821D, follow the link here.

Once you submitted the form you can fill a Form G-1145 at  to receive email or text message notifying that your form has been accepted and you will get the notification within 24 hours of accepting your immigration forms.

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2 Responses to Form I-812D for Deferred Action

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  2. Kevin Kallis says:

    Is DACA common throughout the country? Guess Arizona has its own rules

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