School Records Plays Important Role While Applying for Deferred Action

School record is one of the important documents that must be submitted while applying for deferred action by young undocumented immigrants, the new policy allows individuals who entered US as children to seek relief from deportation and gain work permit.

Applicants ensure that they are currently in school, have graduated from high school, or have obtained a General Education Development (GED). But school records will prove one of the major eligibility criteria that you have stayed in US for 5 years continuously.

It was advised by Department of Homeland Security Officials on Tuesday with educators who raised lot of questions regarding the student’s deferred action requests and also officials cleared the doubt about how official school records must be. DHS officials are not particular about form; what matters is information in the record like name of the student, about the time period that document covers and coursework evidence that it has been completed.

And also they cleared one of the school official questions about breaks in the education like summer months or school breaks, how one must prove that he stayed in US for five years. There was no requirement that applicants should prove about breaks in school and that agency will be aware that schools do have breaks said by DHS officials.

Educators also came up with another important question was whether students whose deferred action request are approved will be eligible to receive federal financial aid. The answer was no and also DHS officials said Deferred action gives only two facility ,one is it removes the potential deportation at least for two years ,second one is open up the possibility for obtaining work authorization.

There were several more questions from educators; all clearly got the answers by DHS officials and most of the school districts have taken the steps to streamline the document request process.

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