What Would Happen If 12 Million Illegal Immigrants Were Granted The Right To Vote?

There are a lot of different topics that regularly come up around election times, year after year. Taxes, foreign policy, insurance and immigration are only some of these topics. Sometimes discussions during election time get abstract, like whether it is better to have a strong central government or to give more power to the states.

Immigration is a perennial favorite of election time talk and it seems like everyone in the U.S. has their own opinion about the matter.

It would be wrong to say that immigration didn’t deserve a lot of attention during elections since immigration laws and regulation are the sole responsibility of the federal government. Not to mention the fact that there are almost 12 million residents of the United States without proper immigration status, often termed “illegal immigrants.”

But what would happen if 12 million illegal immigrants were granted the right to vote? Plainly, that would never happen. The only people allowed to vote in federal elections in the United States are citizens. So, in order for those 12 million residents to be able to vote they would first have to become citizens, a not so easy thing to do because immigrants living in the U.S. without status are often barred from becoming citizens for a long time.

Really, the question is, how likely is it that the 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. will be granted citizenship?

Again, this is not very likely, but amnesty (granting citizenship to immigrants without status) is always a talking point in immigration discussions.

The only thing that can be said with any certainty is that if a majority of Democrats are elected, amnesty is more likely; and if a majority of Republicans are elected, amnesty is less likely.

However, it is nearly impossible to say with any certainty. After all, the last large amnesty was granted to immigrants by Ronal Reagan, a Republican!

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