The politics of the Illegal Immigration Crisis

The issue of immigration always winds up being a talking point in political discussion. It probably does so because the issue is so well divided by political party.

Republicans and Democrats are seen to have relatively well-established opinions about the illegal immigration crisis. Not to say that every Republican thinks a certain way about immigration, nor that every Democrat follows the exact party line, but the following descriptions are generally how the line is drawn.

And before we describe the differences in the party, it’s important to make a note about the supposed “immigration crisis.” What that refers to is the fact that there are almost 12 million people who are not allowed certain rights in the U.S. because they did not follow a very specific way to immigrate.

How Republicans look at the immigration crisis?

Republicans view immigrants without proper immigration status as being, effectively, criminals. Since they did not follow the rules when entering the United States, they have broken the law and are therefore “illegal.”

Republicans do support immigration, but only when following the strict letter of the law. Anything that deviates from how immigration is prescribed in federal law is not allowed.

How Democrats look at the immigration crisis?

Democratic arguments against Republicans on immigration often focus on how the laws are too narrow and should be widened so that immigrants aren’t forced into doing anything illegal by the inconvenience of the system. Democrats are often agents of immigration reform.

Immigration reforms often discuss allowing young people who came into the United States illegally with their families to eventually become permanent residents and citizens because the illegal act occurred before they could be considered actually responsible for it.

Other reforms include one-time amnesty, where all current illegal residents are made legal residents, or expanding visa availability, which would allow many more immigrants to enter the country legally.


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