Is Immigration Amnesty an Emergency?

Immigration is always a popular topic for politicians and pundits around elections, but is the alarmed language used by opponents of immigration reform worth listening to?

The answer is very dependent on one’s political leanings, but it is unlikely that any action the president takes will be ultimately harmful to the United States. Amnesty, or whatever immigration reform program that the administration might put into action, could be a very good thing for the U.S.

The supposed emergency is derived from the popular belief by conservative politicians that President Obama will issue amnesty to the undocumented immigrants in the United States. However, no one is sure what the President will do about immigration reform and amnesty (the unconditional granting of status to undocumented immigrants) seems to be a little extreme.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that the rumors say that immigration reform will be enacted by executive order, an edict that the president can make that surpasses the U.S. Congress. This is something that the president is allowed to do, but it would circumvent Republicans, which may be why there’s such angry resistance.

So, not only is the emergency something of a fiction designed to get people to take sides, but its potentially negative side-effects should be questioned already.

There are almost 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today and if Republicans think that by not allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain status will make them go away, they are woefully mistaken. Granting these people amnesty may not be the best idea either, but doing nothing to address the issue will only further isolate and alienate a significant population of people living in America.

What amnesty might do, is legitimize a workforce that the U.S. economy needs, but is reluctant to say it needs because of the shady legal status.

Before buying into overblown rhetoric, one must consider whether or not the alarms being sounded are false.


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