US Resources are not Unlimited for Illegal Immigrants

Critics of expanded immigration and immigration reform in general like to complain that the resources that are nominally reserved for U.S. citizens are going to waste on illegal immigrants.

However, these resources are barely used on illegal immigrants and might actually do better to help more illegal immigrants.

Take for example social security. It’s practically impossible for an illegal immigrant to collect social security. However, they often contribute to it because they will sometimes take another person’s social security number to take a job.

Many undocumented immigrants are desperate to contribute to the U.S. society, but haven’t had the chance because the immigration system is so difficult to get through.

Take a look at health insurance. Hispanic immigrants already make up a large section of those who are underrepresented in terms of health insurance. Undocumented immigrants are likely just as poorly represented.

Also, one must appeal to humanity in this case, would a reasonable person turn an injured man or woman away because they were from another country?

Can illegal immigrants receive unemployment? Unlikely considering the fact that their work situation is often clandestine and not often recorded very well.

The point is that illegal immigrants are probably the type of people who need the most assistance in our society at this point.

Conversely, this may attract more illegal immigrants. But if the system is changed so that it is not so difficult for immigrants to come to the U.S., they might not be in such dire straits as they are in the current system.

Sometimes it is argued that illegal immigration is considered an issue of national security, but you should ask yourself: what kind of threat does the poor and disenfranchised pose to national security?


The negative effects of rampant illegal immigration into the United States

Administrative Amnesty: Unjust, Costly, and an Incentive for More Illegal Immigration

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