Immigration Reform Advocates Rush to Generate Support

Immigration advocates are encouraging undocumented immigrants in the United States to prepare for applying for Barack Obama’s newest immigration reform executive action.

This movement of support for the so-called DACA and DAPA programs is a reaction to Republicans’ expression of opposition in November. Advocates believe that if a large number of undocumented immigrants apply for these relief programs, it will be much harder for Republicans to get rid of them.

Hopefully, if there is enough of a turn-out for these executive action programs, Republicans may be forced to create immigration reform in the form of legislation, which is the only way that comprehensive immigration reform can be achieved in the United States.

Many leading Republicans see Obama’s actions as stepping over boundaries and his constitutionally granted powers. A number of lawsuits have been filed over Obama’s executive actions and Republicans have stated that they will try to repeal Obama’s orders when they convene in the new year for a new session of Congress.

Even though the argument that Obama does not have the right to make executive orders is a matter of semantics (presidents are perfectly in their rights to create policies within their agencies regarding the actions of the agencies) Republicans insist that these executive orders are yet another in a long line of overly forceful edicts from the Obama administration.

Advocates of immigration reform, however, argue that Obama’s hand was forced due to Congressional gridlock during the past couple years of his presidency. Their argument being that immigration reform is a necessity and must be accomplished somehow and soon.

The new DACA and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents) programs are expected to be open to applications in February and May respectively.


Immigration-Reform Advocates Don’t Know What to Do Next

Immigration reform advocates cheer Obama’s orders

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