Tech Companies Strive for Better Immigration Regulations

Tech companies in the United States have been interested in better immigration laws for years and their pressure may soon have a serious impact on how those laws are formed.

When Republicans take over congress in 2015, the argument for better immigration laws for the sake of business competition will hold a good amount of sway among conservative legislators.

…Hopefully. In reality, Republicans may simply oppose immigration reform. This is because any reform that may be created will probably include some elements that allow undocumented immigrants rights in the United States.

If Republicans approve of immigration reform solely for the sake of business based visas, they will be ignoring a significant problem in immigration issues today.

The reason why tech companies are so interested in immigration reform is because their industry operates outside of political borders and some of the best workers in their field may very well live in any country on Earth. In order for them to be as competitive as possible, they need to be able to acquire these workers. However, the United States makes that very difficult.

In many cases, in order to immigrate to the United States to work (without having any relatives in the states), the company has to be able to show to the government that there are no American workers able to fulfil the position. This makes international recruiting quite difficult.

To Republicans credit, they do support the so called STEM immigration bills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which would help to bring great minds to the United States.

This importation of work is almost imperative to the U.S. future competitiveness in technology fields and Silicon Valley knows it. Whether Republicans know it is another matter altogether.

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