Immigration Important to Technological Growth

Opponents of immigration often cite the need to preserve the United States economy by blocking incoming immigrants, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that immigrants are what drive the U.S. economy.

The expanded availability of knowledge throughout the world has led more entrepreneuring souls in less developed countries to put together seriously competitive ideas.

One such example is the creation of 3D Robotics, of which Jordi Munoz is the Chief Technology Officer. Jordi is a Mexican immigrant to the United States without a college education – which are often used as a prerequisite for technology jobs in the united states – who developed his own remote control aircraft, often called drones, while waiting for his Green Card to Arrive.

For those who say that immigration is not necessary for innovation in the United States, Jordi’s story, as it was reported on BBC News, shouldn’t have happened. If there’s no need for immigration then an enterprising American should have filled that necessary space in the American economy.

But, they didn’t, or, they didn’t fast enough. And in a globalized economy, speed is a premium quality.

It’s probably pretty accurate that many undocumented immigrants do take up many low-skill jobs in the United States, but those aren’t the jobs that boost the economy, they support it.

Proponents of extra strict immigration rules to prevent illegal immigration are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, or more simply damaging their own interests in the name of those interests.

In the past, periods of history that saw large amounts of immigration (illegal or legal, doesn’t matter) also saw huge increases in economic strength, advanced technological advancements and greater times of prosperity. Perhaps the first step to changing how people see immigration is to stop using the term ‘illegal’ to describe so much of it because in a global economy every person is a citizen.

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