Health Insurance Issues for Illegal Immigrants

The poor options for insurance for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. make it only more imperative that comprehensive immigration reform be passed for the sake of the states’ residents. Health insurance can be difficult for people in the United States and that only goes double for people who have questionable immigration status.

Even with the creation of the Affordable Care Act – commonly referred to by its nickname, Obamacare – undocumented immigrants in the United States are often excluded from the health insurance market.

Government aid exists to insure people who need it, but many undocumented immigrants are fearful that by applying for government aid they will make themselves vulnerable to deportation. Although Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that they do not use Medicaid or medicare information in their investigations, undocumented immigrants’ concerns are understandable.

There are several alternatives for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. for health insurance, but they come with their own issues.

Many undocumented immigrants might be able to apply for student health plans or insurance through their employers, but only in certain states that allow undocumented immigrants to go to higher education institutions or get jobs without immigration background checks.

California is one state that allows undocumented immigrants to go to their colleges and universities and even legally work jobs, but for many other states, this option is not so viable.

California also offers low cost health care through the state government and other states may offer the same, but not all states make this service available.

For many undocumented immigrants, the only viable option for health care insurance is through a private insurer, which is an expensive path.

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