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San Antonio Immigrants Activists Hols “procesión de velas”

San Antonio activists will hold their second annual March for Immigrant Rights through the city’s West Side on Independence Day. Goal is to bring attention to the November election on slight softening of both Democratic and Republican on Immigration. Participants will … Continue reading

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Realign of US Immigration Enforcement under DREAM Act

With this new policy, illegal immigrant who are honorably discharged from military (Do not understand how did anyone entered military got in the first place), received high school degree or even enrolled in school between the age 16 to 30 … Continue reading

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Foreign-Born Population Reaches Record High

United States of America has reached 40 million foreign-born people, as reported by US Census Bureau which is record high since 1910. Foreign born are those who born outside of their country of residence. In US and Canada the law … Continue reading

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The Citizenship Form for Green Card Holders

People who have a greencard and have become lawful permanent residents can apply for the citizenship. Those over the age of 18 can fill the Citizenship Form N-400 and apply for citizenship. There are several rules and regulations that have … Continue reading

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Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Being a Dual Citizen simply means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. One who has dual citizenship is considered to be a citizen of two countries. Every country has different and unique citizenship … Continue reading

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Asylees Adjusting Status in the US

One year after granted asylum status, you will be allowed to adjust your status to legal permanent residence (greencard). You are also allowed to submit petitions to petition for your family members – spouse, minor children, and unmarried adult sons … Continue reading

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Children born in United States of America Soil

Per the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS), I-94 non immigrant admissions can be sub divided into three categories Non-resident, Short-term resident, and Expected long-term resident The word “resident” should not be meant as “lawful permanent … Continue reading

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